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  • 7  days of 24-hour access to our exclusive lesson library before your F2F/ in-person session
  • 7 days UNLIMITED 1-on-1 online coaching before your F2F/ in-person session
  • 1 private F2F / in-person session at home (by appointment)
  • F2F class for GROUPS available  [HERE]


For ages 7 thru 70 > Get meticulous guidance and individualized attention within the safety and convenience of home.  It works for both kids and adults - from age 7 thru 70!

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Homeschool x Karate by Karate School Manila / Karate Fitness Manila is a deep dive into Shotokan Karate study. Integrating face-to-face instruction, online coaching, and recorded media - it is designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art - done from the safety of your home.


Individualized At-Home F2F Instruction - Get the personalized attention and meticulous guidance you deserve. In person. 
UNLIMITED Online Coaching - Get unlimited 1-on-1 online coaching on top of your face-to-face sessions! That means detailed feedback, progress tracking, and tailored support for best results !
Reduced Covid Risk - Less points-of-contact mean less chances of infection. Enjoy the same close supervision within your safe space - your home.
Small Space Compatible - Lessons have been modified to work within small spaces. 
Detailed & Technical - Tutors you in everything from correct technique to practical applications.  From strategy to insights on martial culture. It's a deep dive into Karate study.
24/7 Skill Library Access - Access over 300+ highly-detailed step-by-step follow-along technical video guides anytime, anywhere. Supplement this with the online coaching feature.
International Certification - Complete the mandatory coursework and qualify for one of the most sought-after Karate credentials (certification and rank) in the world - recognized in over 100 countries and territories. 


Space - At least 3 by 3 meters of quiet, clean, unobstructed, well-ventilated space that's conducive to learning. Floors should be both clean and smooth as students and instructors practice barefoot. 
Facilities - Kindly provide a dry, clean, well-lighted changing space for the instructor to use during every session.
Parking - Your instructor will bring his / her own vehicle. A safe and secure space to park will be appreciated.

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  • There will be a charge of Php 500 for every additional student.
  • This service gives you access to our exclusive lesson library for seven (7) days, real-time online coaching, class support, and a development program made just for you.
  • This service is by RESERVATION only..
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