Meet Sempai Mario

Karate Fitness Manila

Sempai Mario is our assistant instructor.

Let's get to know him.

Sempai Mario started 1998 with AAK under Senseis Ver Uy, Richard Lim, Barry Orenciana, Ian Jereos, Pocholo Veguillas, Nonoy Veguillas, Shin Tsukii, Kanzo Miyahira, Yuki Mimura, Fujiwara Sensei.

Once he turned blackbelt in 1995 there was no turning back... a lot of self study and discoveries learning from a lot of people not only karate but different disciplines.

Taking points from each and adapting to myself to make my karate his own..

Started competing 1992 inter club championships then nationals by 1995 began stint in the national team and my teaching karate. Competed nationally and internationally from 1995 to 1997.

He then concentrated more in the art, budo, bunkai ever since.

Sempai Mario Sebastian Karate Fitness Manila