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UNLIMITED 1-on-1 remote tutoring with your instructor. Optimize your retention with individualized guided instruction - designed to supplement the group class experience. Pupils who utilize this feature build proficiency 20-30% faster than relying on group class attendance alone. During this real-time one-on-one dialogue, we dissect training issues, tailor corrective solutions, and overcome development plateaus. Book as many sessions as you need - while your class card is valid. Before scheduling a Guidance Session, please remember :

  • This is a FREE feature included in ALL group / private F2F, online, and HyFlex class programs
  • Study your lessons, do your homework, be ready to show your best work.
  • Warm up and stretch thoroughly before beginning each session; to prevent injuries.
  • Be ready to work on at least two (2) to three (3) skills every session. 


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24/7 access to our proprietary technique guides. Get a step-by-step lesson review anytime, anywhere. In detail. At your own pace.
 Our follow-along Technique Guides are deep dives into technical Shotokan Karate study.Accessible anytime, anywhere there's internet. The material was designed to footnote your group sessions and integrate with Guidance Sessions - all to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art. To secure access to this exclusive content, please remember to 

  • This is a FREE feature included in ALL group / private F2F, online, and HyFlex class programs
  • Request access by sending your Gmail address  to VIBER 0920 692 0086
  • Follow the instructions sent thru the viber mesenger  



With over 300+ entries, the Karate Dictionary will help you keep up with class technicalese.
 Broadening your technical vocabulary can profoundly help your skill and knowledge development by defining the relationship between multitude techniques, practices, and protocols. It will support your ability to describe, understand, and process biomechanical, spatial, and psychological stimuli to increase your chances of successful self-protection. 
  • This is a FREE feature included in ALL class programs
  • Listen very carefully to technique names as they are used and demonstrated  in class. Use your dictionary to learn its English equivalent;
  • Aim to learn at least 150 Karate words during your first four (4) months
  • Click  [HERE] to download the Karate Dictionary 



Gasshuku - meaning 'intensive training together'. This is a Budo (Japanese Martial Arts tradition) dating back centuries, when keen students stay together and train together for several hours each day.  In modern parlance, Gasshuku can be translated as either 'General Assembly' or 'Technical Conference' or 'Training Camp'. Membership allows you to participate and benefit from updated methodology and pedagogy cascaded directly from the Japan Karate Association's World Headquarters in Tokyo - via high-level internationally-licensed local and foreign instructors. 
  • These are PAID, exclusive events separate from regular classes --  accessible by all active and qualified Karate School Manila members.
  • National-level, In-Country Gasshukus are held yearly every September
  • International-level, Out-of-Country Gasshukus are held several times a year. You can participate in these events after securing a recommendation from your instructor.
  • Attendance is by recommendation, so best to train regularly and update your certifications frequently.
  • Click [HERE] to take the first steps in qualifying for the various Local, National, and International Gasshukus



Karate School Manila is an NCR affiliate of the Japan Karate Association. Therefore, ALL grades, ranks, and certifications earned through this institution is INTERNATIONAL - recognized in over 100 countries and territories.  This means that you are exposed to the same globally sought-after standards as your multinational counterparts. Your membership allows you access to a multitude of developmental and high-level events organized by our local, national, and international branches and affiliates. 
  • These are PAID, exclusive activities separate from regular class tuition -- accessible by all active and qualified Karate School Manila members.
  • All grades, ranks, and certifications are issued directly by Tokyo World Headquarters.
  • All Instructors and Examiners licenses issued are international licenses. Therefore, your instructors are International-level Instructors.
  • Click [HERE] to read more about the global JKA (Japan Karate Association) organization.








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