Request At-Home Private Classes

Get the same meticulous guidance and individualized attention WHILE avoiding the RISK of public-space-acquired Covid infection! Get the best results possible from in-person / face-to-face  at-home private classes by booking an Assessment, Guidance + Q&A session. This purely sit-down dialogue is safe, online, in real-time, by appointment, and FREEPick a slot to do the following:

  • Talk to a facilitator in real-time
  • Request At-Home Private Classes
  • Describe your preferred schedules 
  • Discover if the program is right for you
  • Learn how in-person / face-to-face private At-Home x Karate works

There will be no physical tests during the dialogue. Having previous martial arts skill, ability or experience will NOT be a requirement. Homeschool x Karate training is individualized so this is an important step to getting the best results.

At-Home Private SOLO / GROUP Class is a premium service, initially available in Metro Manila, subject to conditions and instructor availability.

Above : quick comparison between Online vs Private versions.  


Exclusive Library Access - Seven (7 ) days of 24-hour access to our exclusive lesson library before your F2F / in-person session
Live Online Coaching - Seven (7) days UNLIMITED live online coaching before your F2F / in-person session
Exclusive Face-to-Face Session - One (1) private F2F / in-person session (by appointment)

Features & Rates - see SOLO F2F class rates [HERE]  /  see GROUP F2F class rates [HERE] 




Start with a pre-class Assessment by selecting a Day and Time here: