Guidance Session for Parents

We want you to get the best results possible. This is why we do Guidance Sessions. Karate School Manila offers every parent a more personalized insight into how their child's Karate studies are progressing. No different from the familiar academic parent-teacher conference, exclusively available to every karate School Manila parent or nominated guardian, and convened via Google Meet -- it is safe, online, by-appointment, in real-time, personalized, and FREE!


The Guidance Session for Parents / Guardians was conceived to give insight on:

  • The progress of your child's skill-acquisition;
  • The instructor's recommended activity and exposure timeline based on present performance;
  • Methods that are compatible with their learning methods;
  • Personalized exercises that will elevate their development;
  • Development and growth paths that are compatible with their ability, proficiency and evolving personal goals.


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