Quick Information

Twenty (20) Frequently-Asked Questions are listed here below.  We will do our best to update this list and keep it relevant to your needs. 

1: How do I start?
There are four (4) easy steps to start: 
  • 1st - GET ASSESSED - The 15-minute Assessment + Q&A session safe, online, in real-time, by-appointment, and FREE!  Karate training with us is individualized so this is an important step to getting the best results. Have our facilitators answer your questions in real-time. This e-meeting is a great way to know about our methods and to explore how the program will work for you. Book a schedule  [HERE]
  • 2nd - PICK A CLASS / SIGN UP - Pick  the type of class you want, check RATES, then settle your tuition / confirm your reservation either thru on-site cashiers, bank transfer, or GCash. See all classes   [HERE].
  • 3rd - SHOW UP FOR CLASS - Wear clean workout clothes on your first day - preferably jogging pants  and a shirt. Shorts are okay too. Uniforms are best!  Get to class at least 15 minutes early so you'll have time to change and warm up. Present your enrollment receipt or proof of bank / GCash transfer to the instructor in exchange for your class card.
  • 4th - ENJOY - Nervous about your first day? No worries, your Sempais (translation: seniors) will be there to help you get settled. Don't be shy to approach your Sempais or  instructors for help or to ask questions about the lesson -- there is no such thing as a silly question! Should you have any further questions or clarifications, reach us via the following channels  [HERE]
2: What is Homeschool x Karate? 
Homeschool x Karate by Karate Fitness Manila is a deep dive into Shotokan Karate study. Integrating both live instruction and recorded media - it is designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art - done from the safety of  home. With over 300+ highly-detailed follow-along guides on technique, application, conditioning, tradition, and martial ethics - backed by virtually UNLIMITED live coaching  - dedicated study will prepare you for upgrades, certifications, and even competition. It is available in both  the ALL-ONLINE version [HERE] and in-person / PRIVATE F2F version  [HERE]

3: Do you have group face-to-face sessions? When does it resume?
YES we do! Because of popular demand, we now cater to requests for AT-HOME, in-person / private F2F instruction for INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS. We also have ON-SITE classes in ALABANG, BGC and Quezon City! Discover how this works, check rates, or reserve a class [HERE]

    4: Will online lessons keep going even after the pandemic is over?
    YES, online lessons will continue to be available even after pandemic and will run in tandem with on-site face-to-face sessions. Discover what  makes our program unique by clicking [HERE] or reserve your online class slot  [HERE]

    5: What happens at the Assessment, Guidance + Q&A? Will I be asked to do anything physical?
    We won't ask you to exert physically during the Assessment, Guidance+Q&A session but we will need your undivided attention.  A facilitator will meet you at this (virtual) sit-down - to listen to questions, address concerns, dissect any training issues, and help overcome development plateaus. We want you to get the best results possible. This fifteen (15) minute session will help do that by ensuring we understand your unique objectives and expectations - in real-time. Training is individualized so this is an important step. Reserve [HERE]


    6: Where are you located?
    We convene ON-SITE classes in ALABANG - at the clubhouse, Pacific Village, Alabang |  BGC - at the Ground Level of W Tower, 39th Street BGC |  Quezon Avenue - at the NBS College, 3F National Book Store Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo QC | ONLINE classes nationwide, and AT-HOME PRIVATE F2F class within Metro Manila. See all our classes by clicking [HERE]

    7: What ages do you accept?
    We accept individuals from age 5 (five) through 70 (seventy) for ALL-ONLINE classes and age 7 (seven) through 70 (seventy) for all F2F programs. The minimum safe-practice ages make sure students understand safety rules. However, there are cases of exceptional four (4) year-olds who do well in class.  In these cases, we can convene a real-time virtual sit-down with both you and your child to assess training readiness. We call this the Assessment, Guidance+Q&A session. It is safe, online, in real-time, by appointment and FREE. Sign up for Assessment  [HERE] 

    To see other class options, please click  [HERE]

    8: What is the HomeschoolxKarate Teacher-Student Ratio?

    The Teacher-Student Ratio  for ALL-ONLINE class is 1:1. This ensures that each student gets the personal attention they need to learn more effectively.  The teacher-Student Ratio for PRIVATE F2F class is anywhere from 1:1 up to 1:3. Private F2F GROUP classes are also available. See what what your class options are by clicking [HERE] 

    9: How much are lessons?
    ALL-ONLINE lessons are Php2500 monthly - which gives you 24/7 access to our exclusive lesson library, UNLIMITED real-time online coaching, class support, and a development program made just for you. See it  [HERE]Discounts available for three (3) month lesson bundles. You get a huge Php1500 OFF regular rates! You can check by clicking [HERE]  

    PRIVATE F2F sessions start at Php2000 - which gives you an hour-long private F2F session at home, the same 24/7 access to our exclusive lesson library, UNLIMITED real-time online coaching, class support, and a development program made just for you. See it  [HERE].

    ON-SITE GROUP classes start at Php5k for 8 sessions with UNLIMITED one-on-one coaching and Php10k for 16 sessions with UNLIMITED one-on-one coaching with FREE uniform. See it  [HERE] 

    10: What are your class Schedules?

    • ONSITE F2F class is every Saturdays, 930am in ALABANG, 1030am in BGC, and 145pm in QC. See class details [HERE] . 
    • AT-HOME PRIVATE F2F class is by appointment. Details[HERE]
    • ONLINE class schedules are flexible and will adjust to your schedule and availability. To see how this works - dialogue with us. Set your appointment [HERE] or reserve your class slot, get 24/7 lesson access, and enjoy UNLIMITED live coaching  [HERE]

    11: How many Sessions do I get?
    ON-SITE classes come in 8 and 16 sessions. See class details [HERE]
    As long as your ONLINE class subscription is active, take as many sessions as you want! Homeschool x Karate works around and syncs with your availability. Start as seldom as once a day, for two days a week. Add more practice times as needed - WITHOUT PAYING EXTRA! To know more about how this works - dialogue with us. Set your Q&A appointment [HERE] or enroll [HERE]

    12: Do you give Discounts?
    YES, we do. Score a 1500-Peso discount by buying the three (3) month lesson bundle for only Php6000  [HERE]  or by getting the three (3) month lesson Gift Check to give to friends or loved ones [HERE]

    13: Can I buy lessons as Gifts?
    YES, you can! You can buy lessons for loved ones in increments of one (1) month's worth of classes [HERE] and a discounted three (3) months worth of classes  [HERE] 

    14: How long is the Online Course?
    While the Online Course has 10 Levels, gaining proficiency in each level can take anywhere from three months or shorter - depending on the frequency and quality of your practice. We will guide you through the whole learning process. See what the online course is like [HERE]

    15: Can I earn a Belt some day?
    YES you can!  Complete the coursework to qualify. Earn an equivalency international rank and certification from the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Pass the test process to acquire the world's most sought- after Karate credential, recognized in over 100 countries and territories. See it  [HERE] or get your 24/7 lesson access and enjoy UNLIMITED live coaching right away [HERE]

    16: What are Karate Growth Paths?
    There are three (3) major Karate growth paths: 

    • A|Rank & Certification we instruct and prepare you to progress through the Kyu & Dan levels, and thereafter to participate in Local, National, and International technical conferences for advanced studies & development;  
    • B|Competition -   we coach and put you on the path to qualify for Club, Local, Regional, and National levels, even as far as the Southeast-Asian, Asian, Continental, Multinational, World, and OLYMPIC stages;
    • C|Instruction, Leadership & Management  - we mentor and groom you for greater responsibility and scope as an Assistant Instructor, Resident Instructor, Branch Chief or National Board Member, leading up to national and international-level license as a practicing Instructor, Examiner or Competition Judge.  Your growth path begins [HERE]

    17: Do you have Trial Classes?
    We have something better :  a FREE online Assessment, Guidance, and Q&A session - where you learn about us, our methods, and see how the program works and aligns with your objectives!  Experience how we coach first hand, at this session. Book your session [HERE]

    18: What should I wear?
    Use any workout clothing (shirt, shorts, rash guards, or workout pants) you are comfortable with. Karate uniforms ("karate-gi" or "do-gi") are optional for the beginning levels but you can opt to dress the part and get a set before your classes start. See it   [HERE]

    19: Do I need to be fit, athletic or have a martial arts background?
    NO, you don't need to be fit or athletic. Nor do you need a martial arts background to begin. You only need to be willing. But just to be sure, we recommend checking with your doctor before engaging in any strenuous physical activity. When you're ready to begin your Karate Journey, please click [HERE]

    20: I have more Questions. Can you help me?
    Sure we can! We recommend doing a virtual sit-down with somebody from our team. That's where we'll thoroughly address your questions in real-time.

    • Schedule a FREE e-meeting / assessment  [HERE]
    • Viber us at 0920.692.0086.  
    • FbChat us by clicking[HERE]
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