FAQs - Everything You Need to Know on Your First Day

Where are you located?

We are at the UFC Gym Philippines located at the 2nd Level of UP Town Center along Katipunan Rd, Quezon City.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age we accept is 5 years old. For younger than 5 years old, we will be having an assessment session during the regular class for him or her.

What are the rates?

P4,000 for 10 sessions
Uniforms cost P1500 

There is no free trial class. However, if you want to try the class before enrolling for the 10 session package, you may try one class for the per session rate of P550.

Assessment sessions for younger than 5 years of age will require the P550 session rate.

What are the modes of payment?

Cash and credit card

What are the schedule of classes?

Saturdays 2 pm to 330 pm
Sundays 5 pm to 630 pm

We will be having an additional weekday class starting mid March. Please stay tuned for the announcement. 

Reminders on attending the first day of class

Bring athletic attire (shorts, jogging pants, shirts, towel) and lots of water.

Proceed to the UFC Gym Reception and register. Inform the receptionist if you are enrolling for the 10 session program. This is where you pay - at the UFC Gym Reception.

For uniform orders, please order from the instructor - Sempai Ian or Sempai Mario, NOT from the UFC Gym. Uniforms are made to order. This means you get it one week after you order. 

It is encouraged that parents leave the children at the dojo (class or school) to cultivate independence.

Parents for Karate Fitness Manila

If you are a parent of students or interested in enrolling your child, it is highly recommended that you join our Parent Group on Facebook. Click here or on the image below.

Parents for Karate Fitness Manila