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Assessment, Guidance, and Q&A
Join class \  Have your questions addressed in real time  \  Learn how Homeschool x Karate works, what our methods are, and how it aligns with your objectivesby attending the Assessment, Guidance + Q&A session.

    The session is safe, online, in real-time, by appointment & FREE.  Having previous martial arts skill, ability or experience is NOT a requirement.

    It is a purely sit-down session. You won't need to exert physically. We'll listen to and address questions, identify relevant goals, and together - explore how to get the best results possible. See how it works for both kids and adults! Discover how we deliver the personalized attention and meticulous guidance you deserve from a virtual Karate course.

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    Homeschool x Karate training is individualized so this is an important step to getting the best results.

    Experience how we coach at this session. Think of this as your "FREE TRIAL".


    • You must be 18 or older to attend this session solo.  Minors should be accompanied by an adult family member or legal guardian during the dialogue.
    • The Assessment, Guidance, and Q&A session is safe, online, by-appointment, in real-time, and FREE
    • For everyone's safety, all classes will be online until the ongoing health emergency is over. Face-to-face sessions in Alabang | BGC | Ortigas | Katipunan QC | Q Ave will resume once allowed by health officials.  
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