Registration Success Page - Urban Ashram Yoga BGC Kids Class

You have successfully reserved your child's slot.

We are excited to welcome your child to our Urban Ashram Yoga BGC Dojo. As your child gets a taste of Karate training, you will slowly discover how your child grows in excitement and see how Karate can develop his or her confidence, positive self image, and physical abilities. 

Some reminders for your child: 

1. Start of Summer Program is on March 17, 2019.

2.  For those younger than 5 years old, we will need to assess them in one class to see if they can start training. You can get a per session rate for them before enrolling them for the 10 session discounted package rate.

3. Class schedules are:

  • Wednesdays 1030 pm to 12 nn
  • Sundays 1230 pm to 2 pm

4. Be on time.

5. Bring comfortable sports attire for your kids (athletic shorts, jogging pants, shirt, etc.) and lots of water on the first day until he or she gets his or her uniform.

6. Proceed to Urban Ashram Yoga's reception area to register and tell the receptionist that you will enrol for the Karate Class.

7. To order a uniform, please inform Sempai Ian or Sempai Mario. Your child’s uniform will be given the following week.

8. Claim the uniform from Sempai Ian or Sempai Mario, NOT from Urban Ashram Yoga.

9. Have fun in the class 👍


We look forward to seeing your child in the Dojo!



               Sempai Mario
        Karate Fitness Manila