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Welcome to Karate Fitness Manila!

It is with gratitude and happiness that I welcome you to our online portal. Gratitude because Karate has been a great part of our lives here at Karate Fitness Manila. It has been a way of life since childhood. It has allowed us to lead healthy lives, learn values, cultivate a positive self image and build a positive outlook. It is one of the reasons we are able to walk this earth with joy and confidence.

It is with great pride that we welcome and invite you to our current home and dojo at the UFC Gym Philippines. In the same way that we were able to develop a healthy mind, body, and character, we wish to propagate these benefits while passing on the ability to fight and increase one’s capacity for self protection. We are open to teach the way of Karate to both children and adults so there will be adult and children’s classes as well as beginners and advanced classes. As Karate is an extremely great way to keep fit, we welcome those who are looking for a new and effective way for physical strengthening and conditioning.

As Karate is now an Olympic Sport debuting in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the sport side of this martial art is more dynamic as ever. The opportunity to compete and test one’s development is abound. Please note however, that Karate is not about collecting medals and championships. It is first and foremost about character development.

More than self protection and the ability to fight, it is life long values that matter most in the art of Karate. Our belief is Karate is a way of life. More than a sport. More than a martial art.

See you in the Dojo.



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Part time entrepreneur. Full time Karate Education professional. A technician through and through. He has rich experience competing and winning around the globe - fronting the national colors. Now on a mission to propagate Karate. He has more than three (3) decades experience in the practice and teaching of this beautiful, practical, and lifesaving art.